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Mills Medical Services arrange consultations with Doctors and Surgeons for surgical and non surgical procedures. We help your plan your surgery and assist you through the process.

Your Doctor or Surgeon is responsible for your treatment and aftercare. Mills Medical Services staff are not medically qualified. Your Surgeon will make all decisions regarding your clinical care.

Third party principles provide your medical services. These include Doctors, surgeons and hospitals that have been booked on your behalf by Mills Medical Services ltd.

Surgeons , Doctors and Nurses are self employed contractors and are not employed by Mills Medical Services Ltd

Every surgeon and Doctor should have up to date medical indemnity insurance and you are advised to inquire of your surgeon and doctor to check the most up to date position in this regard prior to proceeding with any surgical or medical treatment. Post-operative Nursing care is also undertaken by Nurses who are self-employed contractors and they are responsible for maintaining their registration with the Royal College of Nursing.

Whilst Mills Medical Services will use its best endeavours to exercise every reasonable care in the selection of the third parties to whom you are introduced and who may provide the medical services to you, Mills Medical Services shall not be liable to you in any way whatsoever for any damage, loss or injuries which you may suffer arising from or in relation to the medical services or consultations provided by these third parties to you. It is important to note, therefore that:

The patient understands that Mills Medical Services Ltd does not provide medical advice for surgery. Only the Surgeon or Doctor can give appropriate advice to patients. Mills Medical Services Ltd staff are not qualified to give medical advice. Any information given by Mills Medical Services Ltd staff in relation to  surgical or medical procedures should not be relied upon as being accurate. If you have a medical query you should seek the advice of your Doctor/Surgeon or other suitable qualified medical professional. Mills Medical Services Ltd do not diagnose or make recommendations of a medical nature.
Although every reasonable precaution is taken to verify the status of any medical professional, Mills Medical Services Ltd do not make any warranty as to the qualifications, registration or legal status of any medical professional. Patients are advised to make their own inquiries directly with the Medical Professional in attendance in this regard.
The decision to proceed with surgery is entirely between the Patient and the Surgeon and is not a matter for Mills Medical Services Ltd.
Mills Medical Services Ltd is not responsible for any form of damages whatsoever as a result or misuse of information on the websites, or implied on its websites, or acting on the information given on the websites.
Mills Medical Services Ltd do not make any representations as to the suitability or otherwise of any surgical or medical procedures to any individual or for any purpose. Patient must satisfy themselves together with their Surgeon as to the suitability as otherwise of any surgical or medical procedure, including, but not limited to, the potential outcomes, risks and complications.

The information accessible from websites of Mills Medical Services ( Moorgate Aesthetics, Moorgate Hair transplant, Moorgate Urology) and other communication contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties, including statements with respect to the potential benefits of medical procedures, and successful treatment of a medical condition of the patient. Actual results may differ materially from those indicated by such forward-looking statements.

The patient agrees to provide the surgeon with a full, honest and accurate account of their medical history as required. The patient understands that withholding information would be detrimental to him or her health and safety and could compromise the result of surgery. In the event that the Doctor or Surgeon discloses aspects of the medical history that were not disclosed at the time of consultation, they reserve the right to cancel the procedure in the interest of patient safety. In such cases any fees paid by the patent are not refundable.

The patient agrees to notify the surgeon of any change to his or her medical history between the period of consultation and the operation date. The medical team reserve the right to delay or cancel the surgery after considering such amendments to the medical history.

You confirm that you are over 18 years of age.

Mills Medical Services Ltd reserve the right to alter the patient’s admission date and/or time of admission. The patient agrees that no consequential loss will be payable in such cases. Changes to surgery date are only ever made in unavoidable circumstances.

You must sign all documents as required to do so by your surgeon. By signing such documents you fully agree to the procedure(s) as outlined and discussed with the surgeon. By signing such documents you confirm that you understand the benefits, risks and complications of the procedure undertaken, and you accept them. The patient agrees that Mills Medical Services Ltd liability for breach of contract is any way limited to the operation costs.

You will also be required to sign a medical consent form at the hospital, prior to the commencement of your operation.

You have been informed by your Surgeon that not having the surgery is also an option.

Should you decide to reschedule or cancel your operation, fees will be incurred by you as outlined below.
(i) Changes to your operation date £75.00.

(ii) Should you decide to cancel your operation, you will incur fees on the following basis;

– Cancellations made 14 days or over prior to the surgery date 25% of the total cost
– Cancellation made 8-13 days prior to the surgery date 50% of the total cost
– Cancellation made 7 days or less prior to the surgery date 75% of the total cost
– Cancellation made 48 hours or less of your admission time No fees are refunded

(iii) Should you arrive at the hospital and it is found that you have not followed the appropriate pre-operative instructions which would result in your surgery being postponed, the company reserve the right to make appropriate charges to cover such eventualities and arrange another date for surgery. If you decide not to proceed on an alternative date cancellation charges will be levied as per cancellation made 48 hours or less.(iv) should you fail to attend your appointment for surgery cancellation charges will be levied as 48 hours or less cancellation fee. (v)A deposit of £500 is required at the time of booking your operation, Please note that this deposit is only refundable if at the time of cancellation you have not had a consultation with the surgeon. The deposit of £500 will be retained by the company in the event of cancellation following the consultation with the surgeon.(vi) Cancellation due to medical conditions, which were disclosed at consultation, are allowable without charge. In such cases we require a letter from your family doctor and/or specialist in this regard.(vii) The company reserve the right to retain fees to cover any pre-operative investigations that may have been made regardless of the reason of cancellation. (viii) Cancellation due to medical conditions that were not discussed at consultation will be subject to the cancellation fees as set out previously in the document following cancellation of surgery. (ix) If your surgery is abandoned intra-operatively, the company will retain fees to cover surgery fees, hospital fees, anaesthetic fees, pre operation test and administration cost. (x) Operations reserved subject to consultation with the surgeon maybe cancelled without any charge.

You will be required to pay a deposit of £ 500 to reserve an operation slot. The balance of a surgical procedure is due 21 days before the date of your surgery. Fees that are not paid on time may result in cancellation of your procedures and charges levied as per our cancellation policy.
If you wish to make a complaint about any aspect of your procedure they should be addressed in the first instance to the management of Mills Medical Services Ltd. Complaints of a medical nature will be referred directly to your surgeon. Mills Medical Services have a formal complaints policy , a copy of which is available on request.

Your surgeon is directly responsible for your aftercare. It is important that you attend on the date requested by the surgeon. Failure to attend your aftercare appointments can compromise the results of your surgery.

Included in the procedure cost are 

The services of the Surgeon for your operation

  • Anaesthetist services if required
  • Post operative check ups
  • Operation theatre/clinic/hospital charges for carrying out the required procedure;
  • Standard pre operative tests ( limited to basic blood investigations and MRSA screen) Other tests that may be required will be charged. You will be notified of these prior to booking,

The Fee does not include:

  • Any additional medical expenses that might be incurred following any surgery or treatment as a result of complications beyond 7 days from the date of the procedure
  • Medical insurance
  • Any procedure not included at your consultation
  • Transport to and from the hospital unless specified.
  • Additional expenses not specified in any Pre-Consultation meeting
  • Revision surgery costs ( Doctor, hospital, anaesthetist, tests , garments  etc )
  • Additional costs incurred by weather or failure of transport services or other circumstances beyond the control of Mills Medical Services Ltd

Known Pre existing Medical Conditions

Doctors and Surgeons will not perform any procedure that might have negative effects on the patient’s health You must tell your Doctor  about any pre existing conditions, medications you are taking and previous procedures or surgery undertaken

Should complications arise because of your pre existing conditions including but not limited to diabetes, hypertension etc. these will be deemed your responsibility. Mills Medical Services will not be held responsible if any complications arise because of any pre existing medical condition which is known to you.

You understand and accept that if you smoke tobacco you are at increased risk of post operative complications including, but not limited to, wound complications, delayed healing and recovery.

Unforeseen complications

If complications arise that require additional procedures beyond the initial 7 day period following treatment or surgery, the costs of any additional procedures will be incurred by you.

All surgical and medical procedures carry some degree of risk. Surgical and medical procedures also have limitations and should revision surgery be required following the initial procedure, further costs would be incurred by you. Revision surgery and the decision to proceed as such is a matter between you and your surgeon. Discrepancies can occur between the Patient and the Surgeon in terms of the perception of the results of the surgery or treatment provided.

The patient agrees to the disclosure of his or hers medical records to surgeon, doctor, anaesthetists, nurses and other medical staff as deemed by the company or the surgeon.

The patient agrees to the surgeon and his or her representative to make enquiries of the patients general practitioner where required in order to obtain information regarding the patient previous medical history or in the event of assisting the post operative care of the patent.

Pre and post operation photographs will be taken for your medical records, such photographs are held by the surgeon and Mills Medical Services Ltd are not able to supply copies of such photographs.

The laws of England shall apply to the terms and conditions as set out here and the court of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

The patient warrants that no action will occur against Mills Medical Services Ltd in respect of the surgical procedure undertaken by the Doctor, Surgeon or any of his representatives.

The Patient understands and agrees that medical devices given to Patients post operatively such as , but not limited to, post operative pressure garments, genital weight devices and medications are not returnable or refundable.
Mills Medical Services Ltd shall not in any way be liable for any damages however arising out of use or misuse of the websites, or acting on information given in the websites or information provided by any employee or associate of Mills Medical Services Ltd, whether based on fact, tort, strict liability, or otherwise.



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