Minoxidil treatment for hair loss

hair transplant for womenMinoxidil, is an effective hair loss treatment available to both men and women. It is available in the form of a lotion or foam application.

Minoxidil is available in two different strengths, Minoxidil 2% and Minoxidil 5%. There are lots of reports on the effectiveness of each version, with many claiming that the 2% strength is no less effective than the 5% strength.

It acts to stimulate the hair follicles, and encourage growth. It doesn’t reduce dihydrotestosterone (DHT) like finasteride, or any of the enzymes which are responsible for it building up around the hair follicles.

Minoxidil is not a short-term treatment. You must keep using it to enjoy the full benefits. Stop using it, and you can expect the hair loss to continue . It can take several months for the full effect to become apparent, so persist with it for the maximum effect. If you stop taking it, you can expect any new hair growth to fall out within two months.

Minoxidil is an effective hair loss treatment which is simple to use. It is used effectively by many men and women with good results.