FUT hair transplants (strip method)

FUT hair transplants refers to the follicular unit transplantation procedure. In this method, hair is taken in the form of a strip from the back of the head. This strip is dissected under microscope to tiny hair bearing grafts which are then transplanted into the bald or thinning areas.

The FUT method is the most popular method of hair transplant. This is because it is the fastest way and its costs less than FUE. Whats more you don’t have to have your head shaved as in the FUE procedure.

We can transplant up to 3500 grafts in one session. Considerably more than in the FUE procedure. If you have lost a significant amount if hair, this is probably the procedure of choice

FUT is a permanent solution to hair loss that requires minimal ongoing maintenance.

The procedure

The procedure is done under a local anaesthetic, and you will be able to go home after a short recovery period following your transplant. The Hair transplant Doctor will carefully remove a strip of tissue which is then cut into many tiny follicular units. This strip is then carefully dissected by a team of specially trained technicians.

Hair transplant Doctor

The Doctor then prepares your bald or thinning areas to receive the new hair grafts. These are then placed in a pre determined pattern to give you maximum coverage and effect.

The whole procedure will take between four and eight hours depending on the number of grafts transplanted.

The results

The fast technique of the FUT method means that there is reduced chair time for Patients and it costs less than FUE as a result. The yield or growth rate of FUT is also said to be better because the grafts are prepared and transplanted more quickly than FUE. The FUT method produces totally natural looking results including the hairline.

The donor site at the back of the head heals to a fine line scar. This is not noticeable in most cases where the hair is worn slightly longer ( a number 2/ 3 cut )

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